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TenantWisdom is a commercial real estate broker specializing in tenant representation. We do not represent professional landlords. Why is that important? Because when dealing directly with the landlord or the broker who represents both landlords and tenants, you are not receiving pure tenant representation.

Having TenantWisdom on your side does not cost you or your company. In fact, on average, we save our clients 8% - 12% in rent and we negotiate better lease terms. The dollar savings is significant, and equally valuable are the time and hassle savings realized through selecting the right space and right landlord.

Colorado brokerage law allows us as your tenant broker to represent you in the transaction, and to be paid by the landlord. Our fee is the standard real estate commission which is already built in to the landlord's pricing structure as one of the costs of doing business.

With tenant representation, you get expert advice and service in determining your office and warehouse needs, finding the optimal space and negotiating the best deal for you, the tenant.

From our headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, TenantWisdom provides tenant representation knowledge and expertise to office and warehouse tenants throughout the Denver Metro area.

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